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Who we are

Serrande Filippi was established in 1983 for making roller shutters and up-and-over doors.

The company expanded over the ’90s and moved to the current premises, conveniently located in the heart of the province of Bergamo, to make more room for machinery and qualified personnel.

The year 2007 marked the real change from workshop into a dynamic, continuously developing company. Continual research, carefully monitored manufacturing and investments on new production lines mean we can satisfy all requests and supply superior quality products.

We focus on new technology and EPR systems to optimise designing, manufacturing and end product assembly efficiency and to guarantee quick delivery times.

Our strength is the flexibility to make full ranges, from semi-finished products to complete doors with customised finish, providing answers to particular needs in case of large dimensions, small spaces, special installations and specific environments.

All Filippi doors for domestic and industrial applications are the perfect blend of guaranteed quality and reliability.


We care for protecting the environment and our surroundings. The practical procedures we implement for managing and improving our production processes have enabled us to save energy and avoid waste.


All our products are certified and UNI EN 13241-1 compliant.

Each single product carries CE Marking, as certified by the specific plate. In compliance with CPR 305/2011, we issue a DoP (Declaration of Performance) for each product illustrating its features. Automated doors comply with the Machinery Directive 98/37.

Meeting all these requirements means that our products can be freely marketed throughout the European Union.

Innovative Technologie

The company is constantly updated with technologically advanced machinery and software.


The strengths of the company are the flexibility, and dynamism related to the design, processing, assembly, until the finished product is reached.


In order to guarantee punctuality and satisfaction to customer needs, deliveries are made by specialized and reliable representatives.

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